blitz case studies
Case Studies

From churches to stately homes, from warehouses to pubs and corner shops, from luxury homes to starter homes, we’ve been fitting security systems throughout the South-East of England for 35 years. Along the way, we’ve earned heaps of praise for our professionalism and expertise.

To put a bit more detail on this claim, we have put together a few case studies, to show how we help companies large and small to protect their businesses. To protect their stock, their premises and their staff.

Croydon Minster - the nave

Croydon Minster
Alarm and Monitored CCTV

Churches are vulnerable to lead theft from roofs and sadly even attacks on church-goers. Staff at Croydon Minster thought that CCTV would help and approached Blitz to find the best solution.

Loseley Park house and garden

Loseley Park – CCTV to record vehicles

The stately home Loseley Park near Guildford had problems – from theft and fly-tipping to illegal occupations by travellers. We installed CCTV to monitor vehicles and registration numbers 24hrs a day.

Warehouse protected by Fog Bandit

Breakpoint TV
Fog Bandit protection

Breakpoint TV use hundreds of broadcast quality TV cameras which make an attractive target for thieves. We beefed up their existing alarm system and added Bandit Fog protection too.

Cynthia's Cyberbar entrance

Cynthia's Cyberbar

Cybernetic Instruments Ltd build robots for industry, but decided they wanted to raise the profile of their company with an exciting club under London Bridge, where robots made and served the drinks.