Number plate recognition cameras over motorway

NPR - The Technology

Number plate recognition (NPR) cameras are designed specifically to capture and enable the recording of vehicle number plates – day or night. They incorporate many advanced features such as fast shutter speeds, headlamp glare and daylight filters, and integral infra-red (IR) illumination with variable intensity

NPR schematic 1
NPR showing image


  • Roads 
  • Driveways 
  • Entrances 
  • Car Parks 

The IR Lab camera shown below is a medium cost high-resolution monochrome all-in-one camera with a 10-40mm varifocal auto iris lens. The unit has 20 special IR LEDs and incorporates dual glass technology which eliminates IR LED reflection in to the lens at night. Mounted in a robust aluminium tube housing.The camera can reliably capture images of vehicles up to 110mph at 30 metres – day and night and in all weathers.

IRLAB NPR cctv camera

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