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How to choose?

If you want to choose the best security system for your home there are some things to understand. Hard-wired intruder alarm systems, which led the field for many years, have been joined by the latest generation of highly flexible, reliable and affordable wireless systems. So which is best for you and your family? 

You’ll also need to decide if your system will be “monitored” (will alert the police, fire service, key-holders and even you on your mobile or at work) or “bells-only” (will just make a lot of noise). What are the pros and cons of each? And what are the costs? 

If you are sure of the kind of system you need, you can go straight to the top of the class – and the relevant section below, to find out more about the system you need.

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Or if you want the insider knowledge on security systems, and the companies that fit them, you could find our FREE 28-page Security Systems Buyer’s Guide really useful. It spells out how different systems compare, what they can and cannot do, how security systems are often “packaged” (to make them look inexpensive), and how to choose the right system – and the right company to design, install and maintain it.  Click the link for an excerpt or  download the whole Guide as a PDF to read in your own time.

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Buyer's Guide to Security Systems

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Wireless Home Burglar Alarms

Agility 4 - flexible and ultra-reliable wireless security, linked to your smartphone.

Hybrid Home Burglar Alarms

For homes with both wired and wireless detectors or needing high security monitoring.

Monitored Security Systems

Find out about systems that automatically alert emergency services.

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