How do you best measure quality?

As well as being an NSI Gold company, Blitz has ISO9000 Certification – a Quality Assurance system. Yes, we believe that Quality Standards are very useful. And we use our Quality System to monitor the performance and reliability of your security system, together with the many others we maintain, and our own performance in dealing with customers. 

But we also believe that the very best answers to the question of a company’s Quality can be had by simply asking it’s customers! 

That’s what we do that regularly. We ask our customers for their views on our products and our service. The surveys are detailed, but in a nutshell we are asking them “How are we doing?” and “What can we do better?” And from this feedback over the years, we believe that there are two simple tests of customer satisfaction. The first is whether your customers stay customers.

The second test is whether your customers are prepared to recommend you. Put simply, you have to feel very happy with the quality of a product or service before you stick your neck out and recommend it to a friend. 

Well, we’re proud to say that Blitz Security has a level of customer retention that is probably the envy of our competitors. We have thousands of clients whose systems we look after year after year. And if you look at the detail of our most recent survey most seem to think our customer service is pretty good! 

But are our customers satisfied enough to and recommend us? Well, actually in the same survey, over 97% of the customers asked said they would be happy to recommend us to their friends and colleagues. And they do. And of course we are delighted that they do – because recommendation has been a vital source of growth since the company started in 1982, – more effective than any form of advertising!

Ask your customers!

So we do. With questions like..

How would you rate us in these areas..?

Blitz customer survey bar chart 1

..and would you recommend us?

Blitz customer survey bar chart 3

97% of those polled said Yes