Digicom is shorthand for Digital Communicator. It offers a simple and inexpensive connection of your security system to our 24-hr ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), and is the first level of monitoring that is approved for police and fire brigade response.

Although the Digicom only sends  a signal if an alarm occurs,  it does monitor the state of the phone line 24/7, and will show a fault message if the phone line fails (or is cut). But it must be understood that a line fault is not allowed to give an external alarm at any time. So if a line fault happens when the alarm is set, security reverts to a ‘bell‑only’ system.

That means if your premises phone line is easily accessible from outside (and could easily be cut) the Digicom must be seen as a low-security monitoring system. But Digicom monitoring is still a valuable upgrade to low to medium risk residential systems and low risk commercial systems.