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Customer Feedback

We love customer feedback

Why do we like it so much – even when it’s a complaint? Simple. Because it tells what we are doing right and what we might be doing wrong! Only through this can we continually improve products and levels of service to customers. 

So if you are a customer and have a comment  – good or bad – we want to hear it. And you can always just pick up the phone and call us the old-fashioned way if you prefer!

How else do we get feedback?

In years gone by, we sent paper surveys to customers and manually collated the results – yes we know that says something about how long we have been around!

In recent years though, we have committed our feedback system to Checkatrade.  Feedback given here is public and cannot be edited by us. So you can be sure its what our customers really think – good or bad.

Here are some recent comments from customers

The Checkatrade customer scores above are a snapshot taken on 7 May 2021 . To see live customer feedback on Checkatrade click here or on the image below

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