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CCTV for your Business

CCTV has become part of our daily lives. In public places CCTV deters many thieves and other criminals who fear that their activities will be seen and recorded. Sometimes criminals who are undeterred or maybe unaware of surveillance systems are recorded and later identified and brought to justice.  

CCTV is widely used by companies in inside area such as shops, offices and storage areas, but also external approaches to buildings and car parks. Vehicle recognition (number plate) cameras are not just used as “speed cameras” but increasingly as part of commercial CCTV systems.


And now simple and discrete CCTV systems are becoming so affordable that cameras and digital recording is even being used to protect us in and around the home

Blitz security Group is active in all these areas of CCTV, and have the expertise to design and fit effective surveillance systems for all kinds of risk. From private homes to London Embassies, from small corner shops or department stores, from nightclubs to churches we design and maintain effective CCTV protection. 


To read more about our CCTV systems, go to the main CCTV section here.

Or to talk to directly to a Technical Sales Engineer about a CCTV system for your business please call us free on 0800 0425 425.


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Privacy vs. Protection

Of course there are privacy issues with any surveillance of any type, but in general most of us feel that there is an overwhelming benefit from the protection that CCTV affords us.

CCTV IR bullet camera