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Home security was never easier

Domestic crime is on the up. And, thanks to all the electrical devices we now depend on, fire in the home is an ever present risk. A home security system is a must. But some won’t be expandable – if you want to extend your home or convert to monitored system, you might need to pay out again.

Others might not be completely wireless, accommodate enough detectors, be pet-tolerant or detect fire, smoke or carbon monoxide. Ours can. With Agility 4, you’ll get all that and more besides. It’s totally wire-free – even the external sounder, which many other home security systems can’t offer.

Agility 4 gives you up to 30 wireless detectors and plenty of options, including pet-tolerant movement detectors, detectors with integral camera, shock sensors for windows and doors, optical smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, and even personal-attack-protection. These will work 24 hours a day – even when your alarm isn’t set.

And as well as home security systems, we also offer homeowners video door entry systems and standalone home CCTV systems with IR night vision and digital recording. These can  have standard or HD cameras and even remote access from your phone. To find out more see the links below.

hand turning key in door lock
a home security system protects against burglary


Intruder-alarm options can seem bewildering. We’ll guide you through the maze. Our flagship Agility 4 can send alarm alerts straight to your smartphone.

fire fighters in action

Fire Protection

Sleep soundly knowing you’ll be woken in plenty time to get your family out of the house safely in the event of a fire.

security system control fob

Personal Security

Personal attack in the home is thankfully rare,  but a PA fob gives you peace of mind that you could quickly summon help if ever needed. 

cctv cameras with monitor


CCTV in your home gives a clear idea of what’s going on even when you’re not there. Our systems use infra-red to work in total darkness too.

video door entry system

Video Door Entry

A door viewer doesn’t let you vet a caller without even opening the door. Video door entry gives you the full picture without compromising your safety.

Agility 3 alarm images securely saved in the cloud

Agility 4 Wireless

Agility 4 is a complete wireless security system that is perfect even for larger homes. Agility 4  gives you a self-monitoring smartphone app too.

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