Filming BBC TV Inside Out
Filming BBC Inside Out
Inside Out

Out of the blue, a call from the BBC

The “BBC programme, ‘Inside Out’” wanted to do a ‘Changing Rooms’ style security makeover on a house – and then put the results to the test by employing a ‘professional’, but of course reformed, burglar to attempt a break-in”, explained Blitz Managing Partner Paul Germaine. “We were contacted by the BBC after they came across our web site. They were looking for a company based in the South-East with a good reputation and a history of reliability – and obviously we leapt at the chance to showcase the firm. We went out and found a property to meet the brief. It had to be reasonably old, cottage style, and with no existing security system. With the incentive of a free security system. You wouldn’t believe how many people turned it down because they thought it sounded fishy – getting a free security system!”.

The programme, hosted by Paul Ross, brother of Jonathan Ross, began with Paul Germaine surveying the property and highlighting the security weak points. Paul’s proposal was to install a Scantronic 9700 series system with wire free detectors in key parts of the cottage. Passive Infra-red (PIR) detectors were used for trap protection and wire-free contacts were used on the windows and doors.“It would have been a difficult house to hard-wire, particularly the door and window contacts. By using the 9751 we got a much cleaner and neater finish”, explained Paul Germaine. “We have used this equipment since it was launched for these very reasons. In fact Blitz has used Scantronic control panels for well over 20 years and I guess you could say we are very longstanding satisfied customers”.

The programme shows the installation of the security system as a speeded-up film – condensing a full day’s work into a few minutes – if only that were possible in real life! 

Bob Turney - ex-burglar

Then came the arrival of Bob Turney – a well-known ex-burglar – who has given up breaking and entering to take up after dinner speaking, lecturing and writing. Bob prepared to break in, while Paul Germaine tried to predict where he would attempt the entry. Paul was right in his prediction and had prepared a little surprise for Bob. Not only did the alarm go off with gusto, but a Fog Bandit unit filled the room leaving Bob unable to see the potential pickings on display. “I know that Fog Protection is not usually used in a domestic setting but as costs fall it will become more viable,” said Paul Germaine. “It certainly had an impact in this instance – and poor Bob (not to mention the production crew!) seemed suitably impressed by the new security arrangements”.

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