Cynthia's Cyberbar - Monitored Alarm System

Cybernetic Instruments Ltd build robots for industry, but decided they wanted to raise the profile of their company with a slightly different venture. And what they did was certainly different! They opened the world’s first restaurant, night club and cocktail bar, where the cocktails are made and served by robots! Featured on BBC TV, the club features two “robot-manned” cocktail bars, a restaurant, a disco and a third bar staffed by ordinary humans!

In Tooley St (under London Bridge) you can eat, dance, and experience some of the traditional as well as futuristic cocktails served by Cynthia – the robot barmaid or her brother Rastas. If you don’t fancy cocktails with names like Ethanol Booster or Alien Vomit, you might prefer Cynthia to make you the Cynthias  ‘barperfect’ Martini – as purists would agree, stirred not shaken (some say 007 got it wrong).The human-staffed bar features traditional drinks for the less adventurous. 

Richard Becker from the parent company Cybernetics in Andover said “We chose Blitz to provide the security for the premises because we recognise high quality equipment when we see it. Coming from a high-technology industry and with the image wanted to project we needed a security system and supplier to match”.