Losely Park - CCTV to Monitor Vehicles

Loseley Park estate near Guildford in Surrey has been owned by the same family since it was built by command of Queen Elizabeth I in 1568. The stately home and stunning gardens attract thousands of sight-seers every week, as well as staff and visitors to the numerous small businesses which rent outbuildings on the estate. Add to this the facilities that Loseley offers for weddings, business conferences, theatre evenings, and private parties, there are a large number of cars and visitors passing through the estate every day.

Obviously this gives opportunities to people who come onto the estate with less than honourable motives. Problems had ranged from petty theft, break-ins, fly-tipping, and even even illegal occupation of the grounds by travellers! 

In response to these problems, Facilities Manager Adrian Abbot, commissioned their burglar alarm supplier to fit a CCTV system to monitor vehicle movements. But this was later removed when the installer agreed, despite numerous visits to “tweak it” that the system could not be made to deliver satisfactory images of moving vehicles and registration numbers in complete darkness.

Adrian Abbott said, “We realised at that point that we needed to approach a CCTV specialist. As a result we contacted Blitz Security to see if they could provide a system that worked within the limited budget that we had”. “I am glad to say that the new Blitz system delivers high quality images day and night of pedestrians, vehicles and their registration numbers”.

Loseley Park house and garden
CCTV, Croydon Minster 3