Agility 3 is

Agility 3 is a two-way wireless alarm system that works just as well for a small business as it does for a homeowner. With Agility 3 you get a self-monitoring smartphone app allowing you to control your alarm remotely.

You can view images beamed from your wireless camera PIR detectors through the Risco Cloud server. And if your alarm goes off, you can scan your images to see if a crime’s in progress – or if it has been set off accidentally by someone returning home!

As well as standard protection from burglary and personal attack, the Agility system has a wide range of optional ancillary detectors:

Fire and Smoke detection – Intelligent Fire plus smoke detectors can provide early warning of fire.

Safety detectors – carbon monoxide, gas, and  even flood detectors.

Elderly parents – a wrist or pendant panic transmitter alerts you in an emergency or if a person is immobile in the home for longer than a specified time.

Children’s safety –Agility can send an alert when children are safely home from school, and even optional video streaming to monitor children at home.

Home automation – can control lights, garage doors, garden sprinklers, etc., with flexible scheduling.


This all sounds expensive?

Agility 3 costs less than you might think. To find out more – just call and speak to one of our Technical Sales staff, who will be able to answer any questions about how the system works, and offer you a free system design and quotation.

To find out more, call us on 0800 0425 425
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Agility 3 is perfect for Homes and Small Businesses
VUpoint IP cameras for Agility 3

An unlimited  number of VUpoint IP CCTV cameras can be fully integrated into the system to transmit video straight to your smartphone through the Agility app if your security is triggered. And you can live-stream video on demand at any time.

See how Agility 3 works

Agility 3 alarm images securely saved in the cloud
Agility stores your images safely and securely in the Risco Cloud
Agility smartphone screens x3
Agility 3 detectors
Agility 3 range of detectors
Elderly care devices for Agility 3
Elderly care devices for Agility 3