BT Redcare - A New Horizon for Alarm Signalling

Say hello to Redcare Next Generation

Why Redcare?

For customers who need automatic police or fire response to their property, Redcare offers an approved, secure, tried and tested signalling connection to our 24-hr Alarm Receiving Centre, to enable us to forward alarm signals reliably and promptly to the emergency services.


..and what's new?

Now, affordable Redcare Essential makes alarm signalling accessible for everyone, while the super resilient Redcare Ultimate gives bullet-proof protection for high risk premises.

No Broadband? No Problem.

With Redcare Essential, you get simple, affordable, wireless alarm signalling, without the need for broadband or a phone line.

It comes with a SIM card that switches between the main UK mobile networks, so you always get the best connection. And it’s monitored by experts that keep an eye on your property day and night. All year round.

Dual SIM

Why Dual SIM?

The Dual SIM system (Advanced and Ultimate) doesn’t rely on a signal from any one mobile network operator.

  • SIM 1 – EE UK single network SIM 
  • SIM 2 – UK Roaming SIM

The Redcare unit always connects and locks on to the strongest signal and then automatically connects to the next best network in the event of a failure.

It's a name you can trust

Redcare  is reliable, has a long pedigree and quietly protects thousands of homes and businesses across the UK.

And Blitz Security has been installing Redcare monitoring for 30 years, so we can vouch for it!

The first Redcare Classic ‘always on’ product in the 1990’s was a massive leap in technology over the tape dialler and ‘digicom’ systems of the day. The latest Next Generation Redcare continues that tradition of innovation.

Three levels of Redcare security


Affordable, single-path wireless security alarm signalling powered by 4G roaming SIM. Ideal when there's no broadband

Advanced Extra

Dual-path signalling that combines an IP connection and 4G dual-SIM mobile. Ideal for medium to high risk premises

If you would like to find out which level of Redcare Monitoring would be right for you...

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Dual-path signalling combining a private IP and dual-SIM 4G back-up. Provides primary path fault reporting in just 90 seconds
High Security

Legacy Redcare Versions

Find out more about older, legacy versions of Redcare here.

Redcare Classic

Redcare GSM

Redcare Secure



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