BT Redcare GSM

Redcare GSM Roaming uses two connections for security and reliability without compromise. With Redcare’s unique signalling over a phone line and backup mobile connection to our Redcare network, you’ll have protection no matter what.

If the primary line connection fails, a mobile signal is primed and ready to kick in. What’s more, that mobile signal is powered by a Roaming SIM, which automatically chooses the best signal from the main UK mobile networks, for rock-solid reliability.

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BT Redcare GSM combines a secure redcare landline connection with a GSM radio backup path. In the event of a line cut it enables alarm systems to be monitored by the radio path.

If the landline fails, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will receive a communication failure message within 40 secs. The GSM path will continue to communicate with the ARC, sending any subsequent alarms.

Redcare GSM is capable of sending a confirmed activation if either the primary landline or secondary radio path is lost, regardless of which one is lost first.

Redcare GSM is ideal for business or residential customers who require guaranteed delivery of confirmed activations, those who require the highest level of property protection, and high-risk sites. 

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NOTE: – This BT Redcare product is no longer current. See here for the latest range of Redcare New Generation monitoring products

Key features

  • Redcare GSM enhances the secure Redcare service by adding a second independant connection via the GSM mobile network. And Redcare GSM now uses a “Roaming SIM”, so if the network it is using goes down for any reason, the system can lock onto another available mobile network. This means the customer premises is linked to the Alarm receiving Centre at all times via two completely separate paths – BT landline and GSM mobile. If one path fails or is interrupted, the ARC is informed, and the other continues to monitor any subsequent alarms.
  • Redcare GSM is the only continuously monitored secure system on the market, offering more information and added reassurance to customers.
  • No call charges on either the radio path or the landline.
  • Redcare GSM conforms to police policies on confirmed alarms.