BT RedCare 'Classic'

The original BT Redcare “Classic” monitoring system not only links your system to our 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) it also continuously monitors the state of your telephone line! So if a thief were to cut your phone line our ARC would be alerted in moments and would telephone your key-holders or your mobile to alert you to the attempt to compromise your system.

Unlike other alarm monitoring services, Redcare Classic alerts the Alarm Receiving Centre – and you – if it detects a line failure.

Redcare Classic meets security grade 4 of European Standard 50131. 

Customers should understand however that under the current “confirmed alarm” requirements for security systems a Redcare line fault on its own cannot be passed to police for action as it represents only an “unconfirmed alarm”. For the very best in monitored security, see Redcare GSM monitoring. This gives an additional GSM connection to the ARC and thereby a dual signal path to our ARC and double confidence that an alarm signal will get through.

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NOTE: – This BT Redcare product is no longer current. See here for the latest range of Redcare New Generation monitoring products

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Key Features

  • Redcare Classic works on any phone line provided by BT Openreach, as well as with broadband and fax machines.
  • There are no additional call charges for communication between the alarm and the Redcare network.
  • Constant line monitoring and 99.997% network availability makes Redcare Classic a wise investment.
  • Redcare Classic can be upgraded to Redcare GSM Roaming at any time, giving you more peace of mind if you ever need it.