Choosing a security system - confusing signs
Choosing a
Security System

Choosing the right security system can be a bit confusing..

…so we would like to offer you a guide on how to choose the best security system for your home or business

To help you you understand how security systems work, and what the market has on offer, Blitz Security’s Managing Partner, Paul Germaine, has written a 28-page “Buyer’s Guide”.

We think it makes essential reading for anyone trying to make sense of security systems and how they compare. 

Paul says “Having spent 35 years working in security systems, I wrote the guide to to  give the reader some facts  – and not a sales pitch. The Guide is an objective and unbiased look at the industry, the types of system available and the pitfalls for the unwary”

The Buyer’s Guide also includes answers to questions like:

“What are the three primary types of intruder alarm and how should they be used?”

“Six questions you must ask before you sign any contract”

See what you think. Here’s a sample…

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