What is a DVR?

As well as being viewed live, images captured by CCTV cameras can usefully be captured and stored so that incidents can be replayed later showing those involved and the events in detail.

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) can capture these events in digital form and have not completely replaced earlier tape-based equipment. Going further, Network Video Recorders (NVRs) allow images to be stored remotely off-site, in remote storage or even in “the cloud”. NVRs are now mainstream and the cost has fallen to make them a very realistic alternative to a more conventional self-contained, on-site DVR.

DVRs fall into two varieties. PC-based DVRs and so-called “dedicated” or non PC-based DVRs. Both types have their advantages. PC-based DVRs in general offer offer greater flexibility and ease of use. They are often simple to access from an existing computer network (LAN) meaning live and recorded images can be seen easily by authorised staff from their own PCs and even from a remote PC. Blitz security uses both types of DVR depending on the customers need and budget.

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