What is Fog Bandit?

Trying to find out more information on Fog Bandit? Let us explain. If you have business premises with stock or other valuables which might be targeted by thieves who know that they have valuable minutes before police can possibly arrive, you need to know more about the Bandit Fog system.

The Bandit Fog is a system whereby, if the alarm system in your business premises is triggered then the system releases a dense fog which will fill a room in a matter of seconds. The fog will take the intruders by surprise and once the room has filled with fog, visibility will be effectively zero, protecting your valuables until the police arrive.

The Bandit Fog provides the utmost of protection for your premises. Whilst our alarm systems are extremely effective, it can take time for police to arrive, allowing the intruders to cause damage and steal your possessions. However, when the Fog Bandit system has been deployed your valuables will be hidden. Once your bandit Fog is linked with one of our alarm systems, you are truly providing your premises with the utmost in protection.

We have videos on our Youtube channel (see main Fog Bandit page here) to give you an even better idea of how effective this technology is.

For more information, you can call our team on 0800 0425 425. We’ll be more than happy to assist you further.

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