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The PowerMax Complete

The latest version of our tried and tested Powermax wireless system – the Powermax Complete – is now fantastic value. In spite of the rise in VAT we have even shaved a few pounds off the price of the basic system! But hurry, the offer is for a limited time only!

The basic system comes with two pet-tolerant Passive Infra-red movement detectors, one door contact, two wireless key-fobs to set and unset the system and a secure external sounder – all for £497 inc VAT – fully fitted – and all with no wires!The newly redesigned control unit accepts up to 30 wire-free detectors – including smoke, carbon monoxide, flood detectors, as well as burglary detectors – so expanding the system to suit your needs is easy.

Our Powermax systems already have a track-record of performance, ease of use and many years of reliability. The Powermax Complete takes this one step further. The new control panel design is sleeker and unobtrusive. The blue LCD backlit display is low-key but easy to read.The Next ® Series Passive infra-red detectors for example (see pic to right) not only look good but are extremely reliable and come in a pet-tolerant version which we believe to be superior in terms of catch-performance and pet-rejection to any other currently on the market.

Powermax Complete is also one of the few wholly wireless burglar alarm systems – most need a wired connection to an external sounder or keypad – so a Powermax system installation causes minimal disruption or impact on your home or decor.

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