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Intruder alarm systems- What are the choices?

In choosing a security system for your business there are some important decisions to be made. Hard-wired intruder alarm systems, which were the only choice for many years, are now being challenged by the latest generation of wireless (wire free) systems. So which is best for you?You will also need to decide if your system will be “monitored” or “bells-only”. What are the pros and cons of each? And the costs?If you are fairly sure of the kind of system you need you can go straight to the relevent “Find Out More” link below to go straight to the section you want.

Security System Buyer’s Guide

Or if you want the insider knowledge on security systems, and the companies that fit them, you will find our 28-page Security Systems Buyer’s Guide invaluable. It spells out how different systems compare, what they can and cannot do, and how to choose the right system – and the right installer! You can read the entire Buyer’s Guide as a “flip book” further down this page – or you can download it as a PDF for reference or to read in your own time.Of course you could just call one of our Sales Team free on 0800 0425 425 and talk through your requirements with a real person in the old fashioned way! We are happy to help you – whichever way you prefer.


Wire-free Home Burglar Alarms

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Hybrid Home Burglar Alarms

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Monitored (Police response) Home Burglar Alarms

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