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Visual Verified Alarm System – Real Alarm

Visual verified system is a home security system that can deliver images in real time enabling the professionals at the monitoring center find out the real reason behind the trigger of the alarm. This has become quite a popular intruder monitoring system in the UK. It includes a wide range of devices like motion detectors with camera, contact magnets; smoke detectors create a two way communication with the master control panel. Round the clock and uninterrupted GPS connection with the monitoring center ensure that images are transferred real time when there is motion, smoke, fire or panic is detected.

This enables the professionals at the monitoring center find out what is happening in the alarm location right at that moment. The system is designed so intellectually that even if the intruder tries to run or move quickly, the system will detect the person. Another important factor is the camera range. It is so wide that nothing can hide from the camera. It can produce clear images even in the darkness as well. The moment an alarm is triggered, the cameras get activated at once and real time images are sent to the monitoring center so that they can analyze the whole situation. And if the alarm is true, the monitoring team will take immediate action.

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