Police Response


Getting Police Response

You must have a monitored system fitted and maintained by a certificated installer before it will be eligible for police response. Your installer can then apply to your local police force to recognise your system and issue a police URN (Unique Reference Number). The police will charge a fee, just under £50 at the time of writing, to register your system.

..and how to lose it

Increasingly stringent rules from police forces have meant that the number of false alarms which a monitored alarm system can generate in the course of a year has been progressively reduced and now stands at no more than two. The third false alarm in any 12 month period will result in that system losing police response for a mandatory three-month period. Although this may sound onerous, for a well-designed and maintained system from a reputable company it is not usually a problem.

This is always provided that the owner and the users of the system understand how to use it properly and do not cause false alarms by setting off the system themselves. Although this may sound unlikely, the number of false alarms generated by “user error” is in fact far higher than those caused by equipment failure. But here we must distinguish between alarms caused by poor training, forgetfulness or just being downright careless and those which are caused by the user but really result from the system being difficult to use and not user-friendly. It’s no good blaming the user if the system is so complicated that you need a week’s training just to use it.

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