Redcare GSM


BT ‘Redcare GSM’ Alarm Monitoring

BT Redcare GSM combines a secure redcare landline connection with a GSM radio backup path. In the event of a line cut it enables alarm systems to be monitored by the radio path.

If the BT landline fails, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will receive a communication failure message within 40 secs. The GSM path will continue to communicate with the ARC, sending any subsequent alarms.

Redcare GSM is capable of sending a confirmed activation if either the primary landline or secondary radio path is lost, regardless of which one is lost first.

Key features

  • Redcare GSM enhances the secure Redcare service by using O2’s GSM network. This enables customer premises to be linked to the network via two completely separate paths – BT landline and O2 cellular network. If one path fails or is interrupted, the ARC is informed, and the other continues to monitor any subsequent alarms.
  • Redcare GSM is the only continuously monitored secure system on the market, offering more information and added reassurance to customers.
  • No call charges on either the radio path or the landline.
  • Redcare GSM conforms to police policies on confirmed alarms.
  • Should the primary line fail, Redcare GSM protects customers’ Level 1 police response by automatically delivering alarm signals over the backup path.
  • Redcare GSM is ideal for business or residential customers who require guaranteed delivery of confirmed activations, those who require the highest level of property protection, and high-risk sites. In addition, Redcare GSM is ideal for customers requiring the most reliable level of fire detection and message delivery.

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