Alarm Monitoring—-What is it?

Alarm monitoring is a means of automatically alerting the emergency services (police or fire service) and/or keyholders when an alarm occurs. In this way, a monitored security system provides very valuable extra security compared to the “bells-only” version. If an alarm occurs, the complete details of the “alarm event” (burglary, fire, panic button, even which sensor has activated) will be transmitted quickly and automatically to our 24hr a day Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). From there the information will be quickly passed to police, fire service and registered keyholders as appropriate.

This is the only way that police will respond to alarm systems and has been for many years. There is no such thing as a “direct link to the police” as many people imagine. For more information about security systems and police response see our “Buyers Guide“.

What are the choices available?

There a number of monitoring systems we offer to connect your system to the ARC. Digicom and Keyholder Alert (see below) use your existing ordinary phone line and so are not expensive but still offer a very real upgrade in security over a bell-only system.

Redcare alarm monitoring protects your phone line too – so the ARC is alerted even if thieves were to cut your phone line! The best security possible comes with so-called “dual-path” systems like Redcare GSM and Dualcom which use two separate means to alert the ARC (eg landline phone and GSM mobile), so if one fails or is disabled the other can still send the alarm signal.


Redcare – Classic

The original Redcare alarm monitoring service also monitors the state of your telephone line – so if your line is cut the ARC will quickly be alerted.
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Redcare GSM

Combines the Redcare Classic service with a GSM radio backup path. In the event of a cut phone line, alarm signals can still be sent to the ARC. Redcare GSM is the most secure monitoring system currently available.
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A dual-path system using a standard phone line and GSM Radio, Dualcom offers 3 levels of protection for different risks (residential or commercial).
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A simple and inexpensive monitoring system which still sends complete information of alarm signals over a regular phone line.
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Keyholder Alert

When police response is not required, an ARC operator will quickly and automatically notify friends or neighbours of an emergency, by home phone or mobile.
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