Dualcom Monitoring

DualCom GPRS is a “dual-path” alarm signalling system that uses both the Vodafone network and your telephone line to transmit intruder, fire or personal attack signals to a monitoring station at high speed.
There is no need for dedicated telephone line, Dualcom can share with an existing telephone line.Dual-path signalling is preferred by Insurance companies and Police.

JusticedomecameraCSL DualCom have pioneered a single hardware platform which fits every grade of security risk, right the way from Grade 2, 3 and 4 Security installations to the highest specification of Fire signalling grades.Multiple signalling paths, GPRS, telephone and/or IP/TCIP (Internet, broadband or LAN connectivity)


Technical Specification

  • Single or Multiple signalling paths, GPRS, GSM, telephone and/or IP (ADSL/broadband or LAN connectivity)
  • High-speed signalling on GPRS path
  • Fixed tariff means unlimited signals with no hidden charges
  • Dual signalling is preferred by Insurance companies and Emergency Services
  • Meets all insurance grades (low to high risk) for both dual and singlepath signalling
  • GradeShift® to remotely up/down grade for increased insurance specification (not applicable to G2r)
  • No need for any telephone line for G2r and the dual path range can share with existing telephone line or network
  • Detects signalling path failure in seconds (line cut, GSM blocking, network failures)
  • 21CN compliant
  • WorldSIM® Access all areas – upgrade to access to all UK mobile networks – not just Vodafone

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