Digicom Monitoring

Digicom is short for Digital Communicator. It is a system used for simple and releatively inexpensive connection of security systems to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre).The Digicom is inactive until an alarm condition occurs, although it does monitor the condition of the telephone line and can produce a line fault indication on the panel if the telephone line fails or is cut but this line fault can only give an internal warning to the customer when the alarm is unset, and is not allowed to give an external alarm at any time. If a line fault occurs when the alarm is set, the system simply reverts to bells‑only operation.

If the premises telephone line is easily accessible to a thief from outside the premises (and could easily be cut) the Digicom must be regarded as a low-security monitoring system. Subject to the above, Digicom monitoring is suitable as an upgrade to low to medium risk residential systems and low risk commercial systems.