Fire Protection for Your Home

Fire Protection for Your Home

Every Parent's Nightmare

A fire that breaks out at night when the family is asleep. Even though the risk is small it is well worth upgrading your security system to protect against fire and smoke – bear in mind many deaths are actually from smoke inhalation. The extra peace of mind will well worth the small extra cost

All new Blitz security systems (and even most older ones) can be upgraded to include fire and smoke detectors. This means that once you have a basic burglar alarm system in place, it is a fairly simple matter to add fire detectors.

With our Agility 3 wireless system you can add combined heat and smoke detectors and also carbon monoxide (CO) detectors . Carbon monoxide, from a smouldering fire or even a faulty central heating boiler, is tasteless and has no smell, and so can be an insidious, silent killer in the home.

Monitored Systems

Also bear in mind that if you choose a monitored system you will get the extra protection of a call to the fire service by our 24-hr Alarm Receiving Centre – at no extra cost. Your Blitz Security surveyor can give you full information about the choices and cost of adding fire protection to your home system.

Agility safety detectors
Sleep Soundly
...with your home and family protected against fire - as well as intruders.
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