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Domestic crime is on the up. And, thanks to all the electrical devices we now depend on, so is fire in the home. A home security system is a must. But some won’t be expandable – if you want to extend your home or connect to a 24-hour receiving centre, you might need to pay out again.

Others might not be completely wire-free, accommodate enough detectors, be pet-tolerant or detect smoke. Ours can. With Powermax Complete, you’ll get all that and more besides. It’s totally wire-free – even the external sounder, which most other systems can’t offer.

The PowerMax gives you up to 30 detectors and plenty of options, including pet-tolerance, a shock sensor for windows and doors, optical smoke detector, carbon monoxide and flood detectors, and a childproof personal-attack button.

For 24-hour police or fire-brigade response, hook it up to our Alarm Receiving Centre. This ensures that things will happen fast in an emergency – for much less than you might think.

Get total peace of mind by adding Fire and smoke detection and Personal-attack protection to your system. They’ll work 24 hours a day – even when your alarm isn’t set.



Intruder-alarm options can seem bewildering. We’ll guide you through the maze. And ask us about Agility 3, which can send images of a burglar to your smartphone.
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Fire Protection

Sleep soundly knowing you’ll be woken in plenty time to get out in the event of fire.
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Personal Safety

Personal attack is rare but a PA button gives you peace of mind that help will come fast. Choose between bell-only and monitored systems.
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Get CCTV in your home and get a clear idea of what’s going on when you’re not there. Go for the advanced system and see in the dark as well.
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Video Door Entry

That peephole might not be enough. Video door entry gives you the full picture about who’s knocking at your door.
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Agility-3 Wireless

Agility 3 is a two-way wireless alarm system that works well for a small business also for a homeowner.With Agility 3, get a self-monitoring smartphone app.
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