At Blitz, we have seen first hand the rise in popularity, and the affordability of home CCTV in the UK over the past decade. During that time we have designed and installed many residential CCTV systems for our customers.

CCTV that was previously common only in public places has become affordable for your home as well. It can offer round the clock surveillance for your home, the driveway or the garden, recording only movement of a person or intruder to a 24-hr DVR (digital video recorder) in the home. Or web-based IP cameras can send “alarm” images or video clips to cloud storage so that you dont even need a DVR in the home – and the recorded images or video cannot be stolen or compromised.

CCTV cameras for the home can now be far more discreet and give high-resolution digital images.

Blitz Security has the experience and skilled personnel to design  and install the best CCTV system for your home. We are also approved by the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) for CCTV so you can be sure we know what we are doing. For more detailed information about home CCTV and to get a detailed idea of how best to protect your home call us now.

Also, we would  love to tell you about our VUpoint IP CCTV cameras (see video below) which can be integrated into our latest Agility 3 wireless burglar alarm system. Just give us a call!


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