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Crime against businesses is rising, even if the figures don’t always say so – many crimes get ‘downgraded’ to civil offences. It’s never been more important to protect your livelihood. Here at Blitz Security, we’ve been safeguarding businesses since 1982. We can provide you with business security that goes way beyond intruder alarms.

Alarms are a large part of our business. We’ll use our expertise to provide equipment that matches the specific level of risk you face.

Want CCTV? We’ll advise you on the correct cameras and recording equipment, all within budget, and on operating your system within the law.
Our access-control systems can restrict access by certain staff and visitors to parts of your building and to specific equipment. You can also restrict access to certain times of day and log people’s movements for future reference.

Bandit fog protection reacts instantly to a break-in or hold-up by filling the area with harmless fog. You can find our systems in many jewellers, electrical-goods shops and large warehouses.

Burglar Prevention

Want a ‘bells-only’ system or 24-hr monitoring with police response too? We’ll help you make the right decision for your business.
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For shops, offices, warehouses, pubs and more, CCTV is the go-to security solution. And now it’s more affordable than ever.
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Bandit Fog Protection

Blanket the intruder in dense fog within seconds. Perfect for jewellers, warehouses, electrical goods and more.
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Access Control

Control who goes where, when, and even which equipment they can use.
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Agility-3 Wireless

Agility 3 is a two-way wireless alarm system that works well for a small business also for a homeowner.
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