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Fog Bandit System

Even with the best intruder alarm equipped with 24-hr monitoring by an Alarm Receiving Centre, there is still a ‘window of opportunity’ open to thieves from the time the alarm is triggered to the time the police arrive. If your premises contain valuables that can be easily and quickly removed in that time then you could benefit from additional protection. An effective and proven solution to this problem is the Bandit Fog System which can quickly produce enough dense fog to fill a room where valuables are stored, obscuring them from sight in seconds. After all, ‘what can’t be seen, can’t be stolen’!

burglar_homeThe lightning fast action of the Bandit (see video clips below) leaves the intruders shocked and disorientated and leaves them unable to perpetrate their crime. And, just as important, there is little or no opportunity for the intruders to damage your premises. So as well as minimising any loss, Bandit reduces the damage and disruption of a break-in to allow your business to continue trading without interruption.

By linking the Bandit system to a Blitz intruder alarm, the fog is triggered only when the alarm system detects a “confirmed” alarm state. This eliminates the risk of the fog being deployed because of a simple customer error on entry or because of a single detector fault. In this way the Bandit should only activate in a genuine or confirmed intrusion. The fog used in Bandit is completely harmless to people and animals and a has a pleasant mint smell so that it is not mistaken for real smoke! It can stay suspended in the air for anything up to an hour and leaves no residue once the area has been ventilated and the fog dispersed.


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