Control your security from your smartphone

Agility 3 – Wireless Smart Security

Agility 3 is a two-way wireless alarm system that works just as well for a small business as it does for a homeowner With Agility 3 you get a self-monitoring smartphone app allowing you to control your alarm remotely.

You can view images beamed from your wireless camera PIR detectors through our Agility cloud server. And if your alarm goes off, you can scan your images to see if a crime’s in progress – or if it has been set off accidentally by someone returning home!

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Agility 3 also has a wide range of accessories to provide even more protection:

Elderly parents –wristband panic transmitter alerts you if elderly people are immobile in the home for a specified timeframe.

Children’s safety –can send an SMS when children are safely home from school, plus video verification option to monitor children at home.

Home automation –control lights, garage doors, garden sprinklers, etc. with flexible scheduling.

Safety at home –gas, carbon monoxide, smoke and flood detectors.

Agility 3 costs less than you might think. And now we can offer you a FREE assessment to see if your home or business is suitable for Agility 3. There’s no obligation to take it further.
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